What is Camp Cadet?

Mission Statement


  • The goal of Camp Cadet is to provide participants with a positive attitude towards the law enforcement profession through exposure to the criminal justice system from a police Cadet's vantage point.

Camp Cadet is Character

Police helicopter pilot talking to a little boy.

  • For many youngsters, Camp Cadet is their first encounter with a police officer. Instead of fear and hostility, there is awe and eagerness to learn. Instead of prison bars, there are open doors.  Instead of being caught in an illegal act, the young people at Camp Cadet have volunteered to be here. Participants in Camp Cadet learn to respect the law, and most importantly, to respect themselves.

    The Camp Cadet youth are challenged by classroom instruction and physical activities, such as marching and running. Bunks are required to be spotless each morning and questions to counselors are preceded by "Sir" or "Ma'am."

Camp Cadet is Education


  • Camp Cadet is primarily an educational experience. The staff is comprised of carefully selected police officers and employees trained to instruct the Cadets in our judicial system and various aspects of law enforcement and safety.  

    The camp is designed to bring a better understanding of law enforcement activities to the youths as they live in an atmosphere similar to an actual Police Training Academy. Emphasis is placed on self-discipline, the ability to make new friends, and the ability to work as part of a team.

    A typical camp schedule includes presentations by representatives of law enforcement agencies, such as District Court Judges, District Attorney, Secret Service, FBI, and State and Local police. Cadets learn that in the real world, law enforcement is a democratic system working for the good of law-abiding citizens - unlike television show depictions.

    A visual inspection of the tools of law enforcement and crime prevention is part of the Cadets' week-long training. Typical equipment displays are radar speed detectors, breath testing devices, police patrol vehicles, and the State Police Helicopter.

Camp Cadet is Fellowship


  • Cadets witness the value of society daily, the friendship of fellow campers and counselors, and the benefits of the community at large. They sleep and eat together, march together, learn together, and play together.

    Campers share all the day's duties. Each day's schedule includes work, ceremonial details, and recreational activities. There are ball games, swimming, boating, and of course free time. Recreation carries its own responsibilities.

    The Cadets learn the right way from the Fish and Boat Commission, Game Commission, Martial arts instructors, and other sport professionals.

    They hear from the proper authorities that drug and alcohol use are not recreational, but dangers to be avoided. Cleanliness is all-important from the morning cleanup to the evening shower before lights out.



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Al Vish talks about Camp Cadet

Watch retired Trooper Albert Vish, the founder of Camp Cadet talk about his experiences.